Mission and Vision

NUFC exists to provide funding to residents, local businesses, and community organizations who bring forth innovative ideas and projects focusing on economic development, placemaking, public art, preventing displacement, and preserving what we all love most about our community.

NUFC core principles include citizen-led change, community vision, cost-effectiveness, and collaboration. 

Projects funded by NUFC will be relatively small and funded through a nimble, innovative grant process. Board and committee members will reflect community demographics of both residents and business owners. NUFC projects can help:

  • Establish a neighborhood or region’s sense of community.
  • Bring together diverse stakeholders to generate a collective vision.
  • Bring life and amenities to community spaces.
  • Foster a community’s sense of pride in, and ownership of, their public spaces.
  • Encourage community buy-in.
  • Break down resistance to change, while empowering vulnerable or overlooked communities.
  • Inform best practices for later planning of investments and development efforts both public and private.
Friends Tes Okunamlak, right, and Daniel Tsegai, both of Minneapolis, eat togethher at Fasika Restaurant in St. Paul on November 12, 2013. Both men are Eritrean. (Pioneer Press: Ben Garvin)