How has the idea creating NUFC been shaped?

Allianz Field represents an opportunity for our community to maximize new investment for greater equity and growth in our city. In support of this goal, the Saint Paul City Council passed Resolution 16-1407 on August 19, 2016, “Committing to Community Benefits at the Snelling-Midway Redevelopment Site”, which includes the creation of a task force to propose a community benefits fund.

The community benefits fund task force gathered thoughts, ideas and aspirations for the creation of this community benefits fund and what it might support, including nearly 900 neighborhood comments during our initial outreach. Focusing on preventing displacement and supporting small and immigrant/POCI-owned businesses was a priority for just over half of the inputs (478). More aesthetic categories like placemaking, beautification, public art, and sanitation were a priority for just under half of the inputs (402).

What kind of projects will it fund?

Through community engagement work the task force surfaced dozens of ideas for neighborhood improvements. Ideas ranged from façade improvements at local businesses to public art that tells the story of neighborhood residents to sidewalk planters and benches that help create beautiful streetscapes and encourages foot traffic and vibrancy. 

The exact thresholds for how much each project may receive will be set by the steering committee and sub committees.  For a fund of this size most projects will likely be awarded between $5,000-20,000. 

The fund is also being used to support relief efforts for local businesses impacted by both COVID-19 and the looting + property damage which occurred in our neighborhoods in late May.

What regions will it focus on?

The task force has been operating under the idea that projects would be funded within roughly a half mile of the midway stadium super block, though the steering committee and subcommittees will make the final decision about geographic scope.

How many dollars are you hoping to raise?

In order to match the vision, set out by neighbors and Minnesota United, the community benefit fund task force is hoping to raise $1-10 million.

How will the fund be managed?

The St Paul Minnesota Foundation manages the fund and work in partnership with District Councils as a trusted nonprofit partner.

The fund is open, accessible, and community-led. Management of the fund is led by an 11-member Advisory Board. The selection and appointment of community members on these committees ensures direct neighborhood engagement in ongoing development.

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