We have all heard these two meaningful sayings: “You are the change you wish to see in the world.” and “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Gandhi and Margaret Mead knew something we keep forgetting. 

There is a vibrancy, and unique character to the Midway, and its history is long and vibrant which we need to protect and preserve. In addition, we need to grow along with the rest of the Twin Cities. We need to lead the change as well

Well, now we have the opportunity to make big changes in the Midway. Neighbors United Funding Collaborative present to you Midway United!

Midway United is a local fund focused on strengthening our community.

The goal of the Midway United fund is to sustain the vitality and identity of the Union Park and Hamline Midway neighborhoods. 

Our opportunity is as the Midway grows and changes with new developments like the soccer stadium, it’s important for neighbors and community partners to be active leaders in those changes to better ensure the current community and its residents truly benefits from all the new investments. And to make investments of their own.

Midway United’s strategy is to create opportunities for local residents, small businesses and organizations to implement exciting and positive projects through grant funds and organizations which will benefit the local neighborhoods of Union Park and Hamline Midway.

The Midway United fund  is  available to Union Park and Hamline Midway residents and small businesses to improve or maintain the community we love by: 

  • Identifying an opportunity or idea
  • Creating a project
  • Designing and submitting a proposal, and
  • Organizing the community to make the project a reality. 

The projects could include, but are not limited to, economic development activities, placemaking, public art, ideas to prevent gentrification~ all in hope of preserving what we all love most about our community.

Projects would be funded within roughly a half mile of the Midway stadium super block. We are small but mighty, and most projects will likely be awarded between $5,000-20,000 initially, until the fund grows over the years.