Small Business Grants open – Apply Now!

Neighbors United Funding Collaborative (NUFC) is a community-fund led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who are supporting the communities surrounding the Midway and Union Park. NUFC created the Midway United Fund to provide grants to residents, local businesses, and community organizations who bring forth innovative ideas and projects focusing on economic development, placemaking, public art, preventing displacement, and preserving what we all love most about our community. 

NUFC is announcing the availability of Midway United Fund Small Business Economic Justice Grants. NUFC is accepting grant applications from small businesses in the Midway and Union Park areas starting now through December 20, 2020, or until grant funds are exhausted.

NUFC Midway United Fund Small Business Economic Justice Grants are available through two opportunities: The Damage Recovery Program and The Rebuild or Relocation Program.

NUFC has raised over $340,000 to serve at least 21 businesses through The Damage Recovery Program. Each qualifying business can apply for up to 15K to assist the owners with paying for items such as: smoke and water cleanup, glass replacement, replacement of stolen goods, lost inventory and any other damages they experienced due to the civil unrest and to support the businesses to retain insurance coverage.

NUFC has raised $500,000 to begin reaching at least 10 businesses through The Rebuild and Relocation Program. Each qualifying business can apply for up to 50K to assist in rebuilding efforts, from total fire loss and/or to help with relocation costs due to eviction as a result of civil unrest or gentrification activities. 

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Be a MN State registered business and operating a small retail businesses storefront or a nonprofit with a retail or service-based business model for the last three years or more
  • Be located within a half-mile of Allianz Field. Businesses within half-mile of Allianz Field are the fund’s first priority. Note: If you operate a business along University Avenue Corridor and are within 3 miles of Allianz Field you are invited to apply if you provide proof your business was affected by civil unrest.
  • Have annual sales revenue of 2M or less a year. 

How to apply

Apply now by filling out this online application. Be prepared to have the following information ready when you begin the application:

  • 2018 business (2019 if available) business tax return information
  • MN State issued ID(s) of all owners
  • MN Secretary of State Business filing
  • Documents that will support your application (property damage estimates, estimates from contractors, revenue loss, pictures of the damage, etc..)

Note: If you need assistance in applying please email us at


  • Applications can be submitted between 9/17/2020 through 12/20/2020.
  • Applicants should be notified by NUFC within 3 weeks after a confirmed and completed application is reviewed and decided upon by the NUFC Advisory Board.

NUFC’s team of Small Business Connectors will be working with each applicant to support the process and identify other business needs. 

For more information, visit

To apply visit 

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